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9. Due to the failure to update the information on the website as to contain accurate information for various reasons, delay in revision, a possible inaccuracy or deficiency in the website, www.boholive.app cannot be held responsible under any name. The indication of the date of last update does not put www.boholive.app under any obligation contrary to the matters stated. All kinds of material and moral rights of the information or expressions (such as designs, pictures, logos, etc.) contained on this website belong to the website and cannot be used without the written permission of the website.

10. www.boholive.app receives personal information of all users, without exception, in strict confidentiality. In so far, within the framework of the use of the website, the information contained in the profiles of the members can be viewed by other members and/or third parties. However, the smooth progress of the service process may require the storage and use of user information. In order to provide the best service, the information on service delivery is stored at www.boholive.app. Except to the extent required by the service, the personal information of users is never transmitted to third parties. The website stores and uses customer information to provide information about new services and campaigns and improve product and service delivery. It will also use anonymous user profiles for market research when necessary.

11. www.boholive.app, in order to ensure optimum security during payments, try to use “3D Secure” systems with the infrastructure of the bank, where the transaction is made, to provide payment traffic. The information required for the realization of payments (credit card number, etc.) is not stored by www.boholive.app. In the transactions made, your credit card information is transmitted to the relevant credit card company in an encrypted format using accepted secure rules and tools. Depending on the member’s choice, some of the credit card information may be stored in an encrypted format, after taking the necessary physical, electronic and procedural precautions.

12. As you browse in the website, navigation and click information about the pages you browse and buttons and links you click are stored in order to access information such as the pages you visit, time you spend on a page and your credit loading time. This information will not reveal your identity or be directly linked to you. This information is used for completing, analyzing and improving the credit loading you provide through the website, increasing the use of the website, providing information when legally required, and for campaigns, promotions and redirections that may be of interest to you on the website or third party websites. This information can be used by our employees or in the analysis and support of your use of the website.